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Classic Series Fountain Aerators:

Fountain Aerators create aeration by beautifully spraying water into the air. This chemical-free process is achieved with a UL, cUL Listed & CE Recognized, patented, high-efficiency stainless steel propeller diffuser system. The fountain's spray absorbs oxygen, which is released when the oxygen-filled droplets strike the surface of the water, transferring more than 2 lbs. of oxygen per HP per hour. This continuing cycle of oxygen circulation and induced wave action prevents thermal stratification and supports aerobic bacterial action, resulting in clearer, cleaner, odor-free water. Classic Series Fountain Aerators are available in both 50 & 60Hz.


The Classic Series offers the following Features and Advantages:

  • UL, cUL Listed and CE Recognized
  • Eight interchangeable nozzles
  • Underwater cable disconnect
  • Exclusive energy efficient motor
  • 1/2 to 10 HP; single and three phase motors
  • Patented, high-efficiency S/S propeller diffuser system
  • Maximum circulation and aeration
  • Stainless steel motor housings
  • Optional 120 volt lighting: 75, 150 & 250 Watt halogen lamps
  • 3 Year Warranty, 1HP & up
  • 3 Year no internal maintenance guarantee 1HP & up
  • 2 Year Warranty, 1/2 HP
  • 2 Year no internal maintenance, 1/2HP

Fountain Patterns:

  • Standard
  • Plum Tree
  • Crown
  • Aquamax
  • Cloverleaf
  • Plume
  • Preferred 1/2 HP
    • Crystal Geyser
    • Crown & Geyser
    • Wide Geyser
    • Geyser
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