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Weed Control:

Plants are necessary in water for the maintenance of all other forms of aquatic life, and have various favorable effects on the aquatic environment. However, aquatic plants may become pests depending on their abundance. Excess aquatic plant growth is considered to have a detrimental effect on water quality. The first step toward the control of plants is to identity them correctly. Aquatic plants can be controlled in two ways, chemically and mechanically. There are many different herbicides and algaecides that work well to control many species of plants. Mechanical methods include cutting, trimming, pulling, and root removal. Let us help in restoring you lake or pond back to its original beauty.


Weed Control 1

Weed Control 2

Weed Control3

Below, White Lilies controlled with application of herbicide
(Locust Valley, NY):

White Lily Control 1

White Lily Control 2

White Lily Control 3

Below, herbicide treatment for the removal of cattails

Cattails Before Treatment

Cattails Dying

Cattails Removed
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Pond Dyeing:

An integral pond and lake management program should include pond dyeing. Pond dyeing not only enhances the beauty of the pond, but also prevents ultraviolet rays from penetrating the pond's surface, which helps cut down the growth of both algae and nuisance weeds. It is useful for coloring controlled waterways an attractive blue color. It can be applied to ponds, lakes, and fountains. It helps to provide a more natural look to manmade ponds, lake fountains, etc. Results appear immediately and can last up to 90 days.

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Pond Planting:

Let The Pond Guy plant the shore of your pond or lake with a variety of aquatic plants, including Iris, Cattails, Common Rush, Bog Bean, Parrot Feathers, Clover, Water Celery, Loosestrife, etc. We can also plant flowering Lilies and Lotus plants in the pond. These plantings will give a natural looking appearance to the pond, provide cover to small fish and other aquatic wildlife, as well as helping with the overall health of your pond's ecosystem.

Pond Planting images:

Pond Plants 1

Pond Plants 2

Pond Plants 3

Pond Plants 4
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Pond Stocking:

Let the Pond Guy inc. custom design a stocking program to create a warm water ecosystem in your pond or lake. Our Stocking programs include largemouth bass, yellow perch, golden shiners, fathead minnows, bullhead catfish, bluegill sunfish, koi, goldfish, tadpoles, freshwater clams, and daphina. We have stocked some of Long Island's Largest Ponds.

Our truck stocking a lake with fish.
Largemouth Bass

The classic warm water gamefish that perform very well under almost all conditions encountered in local lakes and ponds. They are used for recreational angling and to control populations of smaller fish.
Golden Shiner

Excellent forage species for gamefish such as bass, pike, and pickerel. Also very good for controlling aquatic insect larvae, including mosquito larvae.
Yellow Perch

Recreational gamefish and favored food fish.
Brown Bullhead Catfish

Recreational angling and food fish production as well as a possible forage species for aggressive predators such as largemouth bass and pickerel. Bullheads are one of the favored species for controlling bottom-dwelling insect larvae and leeches.
Bluegill Sunfish

Recreational angling, forage species for larger gamefish, and control of aquatic insects, leeches, and mosquito larvae.
Fathead Minnow

The finest forage species for growing fingerling gamefish up to 8-10" of size. They are also excellent for the control of mosquito larvae, especially in shallow bodies of water that may not support fish populations through the winter.
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Pond Bacteria Additives:

An alternative and environmentally safe method for controlling algae is the application of bacterial additives. These bacteria work by helping to reduce high levels of phosphorus, nitrates, and ammonia: chemicals which when left alone help to produce algae and other aquatic growth. The use of additives will also help reduce odors, murky water, and pond scum. Bacterial additives will help to put your pond into better biological equilibrium. Not all ponds are candidates for this treatment, but the experts at The Pond Guy, Inc. can determine if this is a suitable treatment for your pond. Let us help in improving your pond's condition.

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Mosquito/Algae Control:

Mosquito Control: Mosquitoes can be controlled by a number of methods. Source reduction through water management is the most widely used and ecologically sound approach. This method involves eliminating excess surface water. Another method is to install Aerators to keep the water moving, which will prevent larvae from developing. Fish can also play a big part in the reduction of mosquitoes. Both methods can be augmented by the use of insecticides and larvicides if necessary. It is important to fully understand the life cycle, habits, numbers, and location of mosquitoes to effectively control their populations. Once again let The Pond Guy assist you in setting up the proper pond management program for your specific application

Algae Control: The best way to control Algae is through a pond management program, which may include one or all of the following items: aeration, fish stocking, pond dyeing, bacteria, and algaecides. There is no easy answer to controlling algae. Every pond or lake needs to be analyzed to best determine the correct course of action. We can perform a survey of your pond and help bring your pond back to a natural beautiful ecosystem.

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