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In ponds there are two types of filtration that are needed: Mechanical, and Biological. Mechanical Filtration is the separation of solids which can be done many ways:

  • Settlement Chambers
  • Vortex Filters
  • Bead Filters
  • Bag Filters
  • External Box Filters
  • Skimmer Boxes

Biological Filtration is the break down of toxic chemicals that are generated by fish waste. Pond water must pass thru media, on which bacteria is grown, to convert the toxics to harmless Nitrates. The medium can one of many different types. Size and amount are based on the pond size.

The Pond Guy Inc. will custom fit the right filter to your project.

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UV Sterilization:

Ultraviolet Sterilization is a proven way of effectively controlling algae in ponds. It can also eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This is a great way to maintain a healthy pond with out the use of chemicals.

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Common pond-related questions answered HERE in plain English.
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